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For this photographer 2017 brought new challenges, new technology, and lots of new lessons.  With each passing year that I continue down this path of discovery I started 4 years ago, I realize just how blessed I am to be pursuing my life long dream of making a living doing what I love.  In so many ways I have accomplished much of what I set out to do, but I still feel the tug of the unknown and desire to explore new territory with camera in hand.  God willing, I will continue to do just that!

I haven’t kept up with my blog the way that I had hoped I would originally and I hope you can forgive me for that, but I wanted to share where this year has taken me and where I hope to go in the years to come.  Having said that, please enjoy some of my favorite images from 2017 and please feel free to share this with your friends if you enjoyed it!  Let’s get to it!

I’ll start off with some Moto since it’s one of my favorite pastimes, but rarely get the opportunity to shoot it.  The first image is Troy Vanscourt at this year’s Parker 250 in January. I really like this spot on the course as the cliff in the background adds a nice element to the photo.


Next is Husky factory pilot, Thad Duvall at a recent AMA race in Lake Havasu.

Big 6 GP Havasu 2017 Tom Leigh-8862Big 6 GP Havasu 2017 Tom Leigh-8862

I had the chance to shoot the 50th anniversary of the Baja 1000 this year and made my camp at race mile 120 just in time to catch the motos coming through in the dead of the night.  The Honda 3x team would go on to finish 3rd after more than 1100 miles.

Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-2348-EditBaja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-2348-Edit


My season typically kicks off close to home with the Best In The Desert Parker 425.  2017 marked my 4th season working with the Mills Motorsports team in their quest for victory in the Trick Truck and 6100 classes.  I started working with Mills in 2013 when I offered to trade photos for a chance to tag along with them to the Baja 1000.  Since then I have been on countless adventures with them and watched the team grow and become like family to me.

Parker425_2017-2159Parker425_2017-2159 Parker425_2017-2223Parker425_2017-2223


Shooting as team photographer for Mills Motorsports gives me access to the race course which allows me to grab some shots of other racers when I get the chance.  This is Jason Voss during qualifying for the Parker 425.  I like this photo because it shows the shear chaos that an unlimited truck represents.



A couple other shots from the 2017 Parker 425



In 2017 I continued to dabble in real estate photography for a friend who is an agent.  It is fun to get outside my normal scope of work and experiment with a new genre.

1X7A1050-Edit1X7A1050-Edit 1X7A1012-Edit1X7A1012-Edit


The performance boating industry in Lake Havasu never really rests, so shooting boats for features in various online and print publications is a year round business for me.  In February we shot this pair of boats for a feature showcased on RiverDavesPlace.com.

1X7A7679-Edit1X7A7679-Edit 1X7A77821X7A7782 1X7A82411X7A8241



February also brought with it the opportunity to cover the popular SNORE Battle at Primm for Race-Dezert.com.  Held in Primm Valley at the Buffalo Bills Hotel and Casino, BAP is a favorite among fans and racers alike with its tight course and big jumps.

Battle at Primm 2017-6366Battle at Primm 2017-6366 Battle at Primm 2017-6297Battle at Primm 2017-6297 Battle at Primm 2017-6377Battle at Primm 2017-6377


When I first started shooting pictures one of my main goals was to get published in a magazine.  I’ve been blessed to have my pictures printed in several different publications, but it’s still just as exciting as the first time!  These came out in the January issue of Speed Boat Magazine.


Baur_SB_January_032-33-2Baur_SB_January_032-33-2 Lombardi_SB_January_034-35-2Lombardi_SB_January_034-35-2


March brings with it one of the funnest desert races of the year.  The Mint 400 put on by Martelli Brothers and Best in the Desert is equal parts desert race and party.  Starting with a parade of horsepower down Las Vegas Boulevard and subsequent street party on Fremont Street and concluding with the big race. This race attracts everyone from the grassroots racer to A-list celebrities.

mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh6mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh6 mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh18mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh18 mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh92mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh92 mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh136mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh136 mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh249mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh249 mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh255mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh255 mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh271mint-400-2017-Tom-Leigh271


After the Mint 400 I got a call from Joey D from UTVUnderground.com to join them out in Glamis for a very special event.  The Make-A-Wish Foundation had put together the chance for 8 year old Blake Level to go tear up the dunes with his heroes RJ Anderson and Joey D.  Young Blake had been battling cancer and his wish was to get the chance to ride with his idols.  As is typical of Joey and his crew, no expenses were spared to make sure that Blake would have a day to remember complete with a new RZR given to him courtesy of Polaris.  Events like these are a blessing to be involved with!

utvunderground-blake-level-Tom-Leigh--7704utvunderground-blake-level-Tom-Leigh--7704 utvunderground-blake-level-Tom-Leigh--4390utvunderground-blake-level-Tom-Leigh--4390 utvunderground-blake-level-Tom-Leigh--4303utvunderground-blake-level-Tom-Leigh--4303 utvunderground-blake-level-Tom-Leigh--8001-Editutvunderground-blake-level-Tom-Leigh--8001-Edit


April brought with it more opportunity on the boating front.  One of the most talked about boats on the west coast the past year was Nordic Boats new 43’ Enforcer.  Outfitted with Mercury Racing’s flagship 1350hp twin turbo engines and every feature imaginable it is truly a sight to see on and off the water.

Nordic-Boats-43-Tom-Leigh-5398Nordic-Boats-43-Tom-Leigh-5398 Nordic-Boats-43-Tom-Leigh-5488Nordic-Boats-43-Tom-Leigh-5488


Product and lifestyle content creation for social media has quickly become part of my typical day.  With social media dominating the branding landscape for many companies there has been more and more opportunity for photographers and videographers to broaden the scope of their work.


Boat Bling Toon Sauce Havasu 2017-2784-EditBoat Bling Toon Sauce Havasu 2017-2784-Edit DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9799-EditDCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9799-Edit 2017-Tom Leigh-Positive Trim-3544-Edit2017-Tom Leigh-Positive Trim-3544-Edit 2017-Tom Leigh-Positive Trim-3108-Edit2017-Tom Leigh-Positive Trim-3108-Edit


One event that is permanently marked on my calendar is the Desert Storm Poker Run.  View by local business as the Super Bowl of events in Lake Havasu, Desert Storm brings swarms of boating enthusiasts from all over the United State and Canada for a week long celebration of horsepower on the water.


Desert-Storm-2017-Tom-Leigh-0473Desert-Storm-2017-Tom-Leigh-0473 DCB Regatta Private Shoot 2017 Tom Leigh-0032DCB Regatta Private Shoot 2017 Tom Leigh-0032 Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-9958-2Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-9958-2 Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-1138-2Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-1138-2 Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-0202Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-0202 Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-0415-2Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-0415-2


In June I made a special trip to the Mogollon Rim in Arizona for a hike with some family and friends to honor my late cousin and spread his ashes.  It was a time of healing for all of us and I’m grateful to have shared it with these people.


Arlyn Memorial Clear Creek-5228-EditArlyn Memorial Clear Creek-5228-Edit


The performance boat industry has been very good to me.  I’m able to live the life I do because so many good people in the industry have embraced what I do and given me opportunity to use my images to showcase these amazing machines and the companies that build them.  I’m thankful for the people who have invested in what I do and allowed me to produce these images.

2017 Monster Storm RDP Regatta Tom Leigh-57772017 Monster Storm RDP Regatta Tom Leigh-5777

Moe Family Tom Leigh 2017-2947Moe Family Tom Leigh 2017-2947 2017 Monster Storm RDP Regatta Tom Leigh-41712017 Monster Storm RDP Regatta Tom Leigh-4171 2017 Monster Storm RDP Regatta Tom Leigh-65952017 Monster Storm RDP Regatta Tom Leigh-6595 2017 Nortech 36 American Flyer RDP Tom Leigh-6425-Edit2017 Nortech 36 American Flyer RDP Tom Leigh-6425-Edit Aerial-Peek-Tom-Leigh-2017-9439Aerial-Peek-Tom-Leigh-2017-9439 Aerial-Peek-Tom-Leigh-2017-4714Aerial-Peek-Tom-Leigh-2017-4714 2017 Nortech 36 American Flyer RDP Tom Leigh-65762017 Nortech 36 American Flyer RDP Tom Leigh-6576 Aerial-Peek-Tom-Leigh-2017-4560-2Aerial-Peek-Tom-Leigh-2017-4560-2 Aerial-Peek-Tom-Leigh-2017-4469Aerial-Peek-Tom-Leigh-2017-4469 Halletts In Havasu 2017 -9747Halletts In Havasu 2017 -9747 Schiada-RDP-2017-Tom-Leigh-8510Schiada-RDP-2017-Tom-Leigh-8510



2017 Monster Storm RDP Regatta Tom Leigh-38192017 Monster Storm RDP Regatta Tom Leigh-3819


Living at the lake has it’s benefits for a photographer...

2017 Monster Storm RDP Tom Leigh-98672017 Monster Storm RDP Tom Leigh-9867 Body Beach Canon 1DX 2017-3775-EditBody Beach Canon 1DX 2017-3775-Edit body beach world finals week 2017 tom leigh-3036body beach world finals week 2017 tom leigh-3036 DCB M31 860 Tom Leigh 2017-3419DCB M31 860 Tom Leigh 2017-3419 2017 Monster Storm RDP Tom Leigh-99182017 Monster Storm RDP Tom Leigh-9918


August has the heat in full swing in the desert, but that doesn’t stop the desert racers from racing from the sweltering heat of Las Vegas all the way to the cool reprieve of the mountains of Reno.  I’m very fortunate to get to fly high above the race in the Mills Motorsports helicopter!

2017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-7383-Edit2017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-7383-Edit 2017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-28752017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-2875 2017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-27902017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-2790 2017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-42662017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-4266 2017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-40792017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-4079 2017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-04262017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-0426 2017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-72662017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-7266 2017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-10382017 Vegas To Reno Tom Leigh-1038


Technology is amazing and always changing in this line of work.  This year I finally started to explore the possibilities of drone photography.  While I’m still learning, look for more of this tech in my work flow this year!

Body Beach Phantom 4 Pro 2017-0271-EditBody Beach Phantom 4 Pro 2017-0271-Edit Desert-Storm-2017-Tom-Leigh-0049Desert-Storm-2017-Tom-Leigh-0049 untitled-2untitled-2DCIM\100MEDIA\DJI_0185.JPG untitled-0304untitled-0304


September through October is regatta time for the boating crowd and they hit it hard!  Almost every manufacture hosts their annual regattas during these months and events like the Lake Powell Challenge and Monster Storm in Lake Havasu book end the fall event schedule making it my busiest time of year.

DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9796-2DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9796-2 DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9830DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9830 Lake Powell Spring Fun Run-7727Lake Powell Spring Fun Run-7727 Lake Powell Challenge 2017 Tom Leigh-7990-EditLake Powell Challenge 2017 Tom Leigh-7990-Edit Lake Powell Spring Fun Run-8913Lake Powell Spring Fun Run-8913 Lake Powell Spring Fun Run-8320Lake Powell Spring Fun Run-8320 Lake Powell Challenge 2017 Tom Leigh-8005Lake Powell Challenge 2017 Tom Leigh-8005 Lake Powell Challenge 2017 Tom Leigh-8043Lake Powell Challenge 2017 Tom Leigh-8043 DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9848-2DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9848-2 DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9886DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9886 DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9831-2DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-9831-2 Stacy Johnson 3010 Avenida Del Sol-8097Stacy Johnson 3010 Avenida Del Sol-8097 Stacy Johnson 3010 Avenida Del Sol-7968Stacy Johnson 3010 Avenida Del Sol-7968


The granddaddy of desert racing is the Baja 1000 and November marked it’s 50th year.  Shooting the Baja is more about the adventure than the race and each year shooting it has proven to be an epic adventure.  This year was no different!

Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-2329Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-2329 Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-2643Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-2643 Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-7275Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-7275 Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-7374Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-7374 Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-7427Baja 1000 2017 Tom Leigh-7427


The last two races of the year for Best in the Desert are the Tonopah 250 and the Pahrump 250.  Both are fun, short races and packed with photo ops!

Mills Motorsports Pahrump 250 2017 Tom Leigh-7745-EditMills Motorsports Pahrump 250 2017 Tom Leigh-7745-Edit Mills Motorsports Pahrump 250 2017 Tom Leigh-7643Mills Motorsports Pahrump 250 2017 Tom Leigh-7643 Mills Motorsports Pahrump 250 2017 Tom Leigh-7981Mills Motorsports Pahrump 250 2017 Tom Leigh-7981 Mills Motorsports Pahrump 250 2017 Tom Leigh-8174-EditMills Motorsports Pahrump 250 2017 Tom Leigh-8174-Edit Tonopah 250 Mills Motorsports Tom Leigh-0447-2Tonopah 250 Mills Motorsports Tom Leigh-0447-2 Tonopah 250 Mills Motorsports Tom Leigh-1865Tonopah 250 Mills Motorsports Tom Leigh-1865


My last shoot of the year came in the form of a perfect early morning shoot with DCB Performance Boats and their new M-31 catamaran powered by Mercury Racing’s new naturally aspirated 860 engines.  The conditions were perfect and the boat sounded like two stock cars raging down the lake.  It was a great way to cap off a great year!

DCB M31 860 Tom Leigh 2017-3445-EditDCB M31 860 Tom Leigh 2017-3445-Edit DCB M31 860 Tom Leigh 2017-9304-EditDCB M31 860 Tom Leigh 2017-9304-Edit DCB M31 860 Tom Leigh 2017-9388-2-EditDCB M31 860 Tom Leigh 2017-9388-2-Edit DCB M31 860 Tom Leigh 2017-9264-2-EditDCB M31 860 Tom Leigh 2017-9264-2-Edit

I’d like to thank everyone for following along in 2017.  I’m looking for even more exciting opportunities in 2018 and hope you will all join me along the way!  Happy New Year!!





2017 Nordic Water Ski World Championships Tacoma WA-54622017 Nordic Water Ski World Championships Tacoma WA-5462 1X7A1297-Edit-Edit1X7A1297-Edit-Edit 2017 Nordic Water Ski World Championships Tacoma WA-56842017 Nordic Water Ski World Championships Tacoma WA-5684 Aerial-Peek-Tom-Leigh-2017-4469Aerial-Peek-Tom-Leigh-2017-4469 Arlyn Memorial Clear Creek-5214-Edit-2Arlyn Memorial Clear Creek-5214-Edit-2 Coin Toss Vector-1303Coin Toss Vector-1303 DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-0009-2DCB Regatta 2017 Tom Leigh-0009-2 Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-0014-2Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-0014-2 Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-9958-2Shawn-Moe-DS-2017-9958-2 utvunderground-blake-level-Tom-Leigh--4390utvunderground-blake-level-Tom-Leigh--4390 utvwc-race-2017-tom-leigh-7559utvwc-race-2017-tom-leigh-7559 utvwc-race-2017-tom-leigh-7014utvwc-race-2017-tom-leigh-7014 untitled-5799untitled-5799

RDP Wozencraft Parker Enduro Tom Leigh-0539RDP Wozencraft Parker Enduro Tom Leigh-0539


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You are a very talented photographer. We can wait to see what 2018 brings for you
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Wonderful images & wonderful words! I’m so proud you’re following this dream. I’m so proud of you! To many more for you & everyone around you in 2018.
Tom you continue to grow as a media artist. The evidence is here in your recap of the year. All The Best in 2018 and we'll see you out there throughout the year.
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