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October 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to my new blog!  I'm looking forward to posting up stories of my adventures as I travel around pursuing my passion with photography.  Feel free to post up comments, questions and suggestions as we go and I will be sure to reply as quickly as possible!


I'm going to start out with a couple of article's I have written for over the past few months.  If you are into boating, the river, and custom stuff in general RDP is a great source for information and entertainment pertaining to the river lifestyle.  Spending the summer out in Lake Havasu really gave me a chance to dig into my photography and of course being at the lake wasn't the worst thing to have to endure.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy and I'm looking forward to keeping everyone abreast of my travels and experiences!


This is my most recent article for RDP.  With the Parker 336 Enduro coming up, I wanted to share some photos from last years race as well as give those that haven't experienced this great race an idea of what to expect when they step onto the sand outside the Bluewater Casino on the Parker Strip this weekend...


Parker Enduro 2013


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